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martes, 23 de enero de 2018

Introduction of the clan

The clan was born a Mexican clan because the creators of this are of Mexican origin. There were 6 people who formed this incredible gambling community, they were once played as ~ |XS| 'RAYAS, ~ |XS| ' TORMENTA, ~ |XS| ' COBRA, ~ |XS| ' CHOCO, ~ |XS| ' ALEXEI, and ~ |XS| ' ALVAREZ.

The name with which arose the clan was S.L.A, and was a only Mexican clan, then with the passage of time was given another name which was S.F.A. Finally later became the clan of today X.S an international clan.

Apart from our celebrated creators, there was an old user in the game that allowed this clan to emerge, this person was from the S.T.A clan and its name is | MEX | NEFTALI | STA

Creators and founders there were many but leader only remained one and his name is ~|XS|`RAYAS

~|XS|`RAYAS is the sponsor of our servers and websites dedicated to the clan, first current leader and maximum authority in accordance with the clan's decisions and actions.

~|XS|`RAYAS in spite of its rank, it is not the only authority in the clan, because there are its seconds in command which call themselves co-leaders. Current co-leaders are ~ |XS| ' GHOST of the Dominican Republic and ~ |XS| ' NEGRISZ of México.

This community is one where you can play for fun and not for arrogance to win, is a clan where the only purpose is to coexist and have fun in the process. What do you expect to become part of our community?

Sign up and be part of us, all are accepted no matter the level or experience in the game.

Thank you!!

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lunes, 22 de enero de 2018

¿Como se fundo el clan?

Hace ya un tiempo que se formo nuestra comunidad, comenzamos con un clan de CYBER, con aproximadamente solo 6 miembros que fueron los 6 creadores del clan que ahora conocemos como XS. Ellos se hacian llamar ~|XS|`RAYAS, ~|XS|`ALVAREZ, ~|XS|`TORMENTA,~|XS|`COBRA,~|XS|`CHOCO,~|XS|`ALEXEIAntes el primer nombre del clan fue SLA que significaba "SOLDADO LOS ANGELES", duro unos meses con ese nombre hasta que se convirtio en SFA, "SPECIAL FORCE OF ASSAULT" en español "FUERZAESPECIAL DEL ASALTO", el nombre fue sacado de un viejo clan en Call Of Duty. Este nombre duro tiempo asi, pero a como el clan fue decayendo y cambiando de lideres a traves del tiempo, se convirtio en XS "XTREME SOLDIERS" en español "SOLDADOS EXTREMOS", este nombre fue sacado de un clan ya muy viejo en SOF2, de hecho fue el primer clan de nuestro celebre líder ~|XS|`RAYAS. Pues el tomo la decisión junto con su co-líder actual ~|XS|`NEGRISZ y su consejero de liderazgo ~|XS|`FITO ambos Mexicanos de que lo mejor seria reiniciar el clan, dandole un nuevo nombre, imagen y simbolos. Este clan comenzo siendo un clan Mexicano pues los 6 creadores de este, eran de origen Mexicano, Sonorenses para ser mas claros. Todo esto SLA, SFA, XS, no hubiera sido posible sin la cooperacion de |MEX|NEFTALI|STA dado que el les dio los recursos necesarios a nuestros fundadores para conformar el clan, puesto que en ese entonces nuestros creadores eran principiantes en el juego. Muchos de nuestros fundadores ya no juegan algunos se retiraron y otros lo dejaron. Hoy en la actualidad contamos con la presencia de ~|XS|`ALEXEI][MEX y ~|XS|`ALVAREZ][MEX los unicos antiguos fundadores aparte de nuestro lider.

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domingo, 21 de enero de 2018

i3D Hosting

i3d logo Is the provider of the XS server at the moment since themonth of May of the year 2017.

You can see the statistics of our server at:

About i3D.net:
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i3D.net is a managed-hosting provider based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, serving over 31,000 customers on 10,500 i3D.net servers in 24 data-center locations worldwide. i3D.net was founded in 2004 in Rotterdam and enjoys a long tradition of award-winning company growth: It is listed in the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 as the fastest growing hosting company in the Benelux and it is the winner of the FD Gouden Gazellen award as fastest growing profitable company in 2009-2012. The i3D.net team of highly-skilled technical engineers provides online infrastructure services and managed-hosting solutions to a broad range of organizations. Customers from the government, education, health care, sports, gaming, web-shop, hosting and print-/about/ sectors are currently being supported by i3D.net services. i3D.net owns data centers and over 10,500 servers worldwide, we are a fast-growing and financially solid organization. We are AA rated as measured by independent financial institutions. i3D.net is certified and audited annually on the CDSA (Content Protection & Security) certification.

i3D.net Datacenters
In 2009, i3D.net founded a flagship data-center in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, which has grown into the largest Rotterdam internet exchange: SmartDC. The data center is 36,000 ft² in size and has a power capacity of 12 MW. The SmartDC datacenter is located in the monumental Van Nelle plant in Rotterdam which is on the UNESCO World Heritage tentative list.

SmartDC is well known for its unique suite concept featuring private cages and suites built as datacenter in a datacenter. Every suite is a stand-alone data center with dedicated cooling, power breakers, security measures and fire surpression. SmartDC builds and operates these suites. The SmartDC data centers are ISO/IEC 27001 and CDSA (Content Protection & Security) certified and yearly audited.

The data center was built to offer Tier-3+ specifications with N+1 cooling, N+1 uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), N+1 generators and two transformers providing 23,000 Volt mains power for a total potential power usage of 12 MegaWatt (MW). The meet-me-room (MMR) provides connectivity to Tier-1 and Tier-2 carriers.

(i3D.net, 2017)
For more information visit us: https://www.i3d.net/ and https://www.i3d.net/gaming/

Note: If you are looking for a hosting for your game server i3D.net is your best option. ~| XS | ' CLAN recommends this company.