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Introduction of the clan

The clan was born a Mexican clan because the creators of this are of Mexican origin. There were 6 people who formed this incredible gambling community, they were once played as ~ |XS| 'RAYAS, ~ |XS| ' TORMENTA, ~ |XS| ' COBRA, ~ |XS| ' CHOCO, ~ |XS| ' ALEXEI, and ~ |XS| ' ALVAREZ.

The name with which arose the clan was S.L.A, and was a only Mexican clan, then with the passage of time was given another name which was S.F.A. Finally later became the clan of today X.S an international clan.

Apart from our celebrated creators, there was an old user in the game that allowed this clan to emerge, this person was from the S.T.A clan and its name is | MEX | NEFTALI | STA

Creators and founders there were many but leader only remained one and his name is ~|XS|`RAYAS

~|XS|`RAYAS is the sponsor of our servers and websites dedicated to the clan, first current leader and maximum authority in accordance with the clan's decisions and actions.

~|XS|`RAYAS in spite of its rank, it is not the only authority in the clan, because there are its seconds in command which call themselves co-leaders. Current co-leaders are ~ |XS| ' GHOST of the Dominican Republic and ~ |XS| ' NEGRISZ of Mexico.

This community is one where you can play for fun and not for arrogance to win, is a clan where the only purpose is to coexist and have fun in the process. What do you expect to become part of our community?

Sign up and be part of us, all are accepted no matter the level or experience in the game.

Thank you!!

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